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Creating A New Behavioral Safety Process

Ask The Expert: How Frequently Should Observers Do Observations?

by Grainne A. Matthews, Ph.D.

Isn’t the real question “How few observations can we get away with?” After all, conducting behavioral safety observations is a means to an end—doing our job without getting hurt. The more time we can spend doing our job, the better. 

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Creating A World-Class Safety Culture with Independent Skilled Craftsmen

by Angelica Grindle, Ph.D.

The Goal—Develop a World-Class Safety Culture

Novinium® provides cable rejuvenation services to the aging infrastructures of large industrial and utility companies. Due to their patented process for extending the life of underground cables, they have experienced phenomenal growth—expanding eight-fold in the last six years. The majority of Novinium employees are electrical linemen who work in the field delivering cable rejuvenation services.

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Align your Observation Checklists and Safety Committees

by Terry McSween, Ph.D.

One of the questions often asked in early discussions about implementing a Values Based Safety® (VBS) process is, “How many observation checklists are required for an effective process?” Sometimes the question is worded a bit differently, “Can we have an effective behavioral safety process using a single checklist?”

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