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Quality Safety Edge’s mining Behavior-Based Safety consulting specialist have many years of experience implementing behavior-based safety in diverse mining operations across the globe. Read more.


Join the industry's most innovative thinkers sharing insights, best practices and success stories in improving safety and reducing injuries using behavioral technology. Learn more...

Quality Safety Edge offers the most intelligent approach to adapting behavior-based safety to vastly different organizational cultures.

Unique Approach

Every organization has a unique safety culture. Off-the-shelf behavior-based safety (BBS) approaches are not specifically designed to function effectively for each culture. Quality Safety Edge (QSE) develops a customized BBS process unique to each organization that consistently creates employee ownership and participation. QSE takes pride in providing the level of support your organization wants and needs to implement and sustain an effective behavior-based safety process. QSE provides services that range from initial workshops to full, turn-key BBS implementation.

Pioneers in Behavior-Based Safety

QSE is a pioneer in behavior-based safety with more than 25 years of proven results. QSE has experience implementing customized BBS processes on a global scale. By customizing each process and creating training materials unique to each business, QSE has adapted BBS to companies in over 30 nations.

Values-Based Safety®

The second component of QSE's business value proposition is a commitment to values alignment. As part of each behavior-based safety implementation, QSE has a unique process for aligning leader and employee behavior with safety as a value.

Behavioral Quality Improvement

Many of our clients have utilized the behavioral tools from BBS to improve their quality improvement initiatives. Data from systematic studies conclusively demonstrate that 70% of Lean, Six Sigma, and other initiatives fail to achieve significant quality results. Behavioral Quality Improvement prepares organizations to systematically pinpoint, measure, and recognize quality-critical behaviors and integrate behavioral solution strategies into Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.

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