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Values-Based Safety®

Behavior-based safety is not simply having a checklist and observing behavior. To have a system that is effective over the long term and that can continuously improve and adapt to changing organizational needs, your organization needs a comprehensive solution. Values-Based Safety® incorporates knowledge gained from decades of experience into that comprehensive solution.

Values-Based Safety® creates a partnership between employees and management that encourages all levels of employees to conduct safety observations and have meaningful conversations about safety. Safety Observation Conversations raise awareness of safety for both the observer and the person observed. The result is a safety culture where everyone is actively engaged in creating a safe workplace. Furthermore, information obtained during observations helps identify processes, procedures, and environmental factors that get in the way of people being able to do their job safely. Your VBS® Steering Committee can use this information to remove barriers to safe behavior before anyone gets hurt!

Values-Based Safety® will:

  • enhance the meaningful involvement of all employees and leaders in important safety activities;
  • improve the ability of leaders to manage employee safety effectively and in alignment with corporate values;
  • build on existing safety improvement initiatives and integrate with existing processes;
  • establish a formal safety observation and feedback process involving all employees and leaders;
  • create a positive work environment that builds pride in safety process and accomplishment.
  • Regular follow-up and education during the first year helps keep your process on track, enhances skills of leadership and steering committee members, and protects your investment in Values-Based Safety®. Sustaining your process with annual health assessments allows your process to continue to thrive over the long term.

One size does not fit all!

Every organization is unique with different risks, budgets, structures, and employees. Quality Safety Edge will work with you to determine the options that best fit your unique organizational needs

  1. Values-Based Safety® Turnkey Implementation: For clients seeking to maximize the probability of success, Quality Safety Edge provides onsite support throughout the planning and implementation of the Values-Based Safety® process. We become members of your Design Team and share responsibility and accountability for installing the new Values-Based Safety® system. The level of involvement and strategies vary for different organizations.
  2. Values-Based Safety® Internal Consultant: Quality Safety Edge also works with clients to identify and develop internal consultants to support the design and implementation of Values-Based Safety® across multiple locations. After completing Quality Safety Edge’s certification process, internal consultants then lead future Design Team workshops, facilitate the Design Team planning meetings, and lead Observer Training workshops.
  3. Values-Based Safety® Train-the-Trainer: Large organizations can often reduce the cost of implementation by conducting Observer Training themselves. Quality Safety Edge trains Design Team members or others within the organization to lead the Observer Training workshops. Learn more here.
  4. BBS Essentials® for small companies. BBS Essentials® is a streamlined BBS design process for small companies which can either be led by Quality Safety Edge consultants in an expedited design or as a “how to” training which provides your internal facilitator with the information and tools they need to implement a Behavior-Based Safety process at an affordable price. Learn more about BBS Essentials®.

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