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The New Values-Based Safety

Using Behavioral Science to Improve Your Safety Culture

Behavioral safety expert, Terry McSween, teams up with trusted learning adviser, Adam Hockman, to bring you The New Values-Based Safety, an essential reference for leaders and safety professionals in any industry. The authors expand on McSween’s original works on Values-Based Safety, an approach to behavior-based safety grounded in aligning organizational behaviors with a clearly defined set of organizational values such as honesty, respect, and concern for the well-being of everyone. Written in understandable language, the book guides you through: 

  • NEW! Two new chapters on laying the cultural and leadership foundation for any safety improvement effort  
  • Implementing a Values-Based Safety process from design to execution and maintenance 
  • Special considerations for small companies and industries where employees work in isolation 
  • The behavioral science behind it all 
  • Real-world case studies 

Throughout it all, the authors underscore the importance of creating a culture of caring and concern to support employee well-being along with the company’s bottom line. 


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The Values-Based Safety Process: Improving Your Safety Culture with Behavior-Based Safety

Chinese, English or Spanish version.

A Concise and Practical Guide for Establishing Safety in the Workplace

Now in its second edition, The Values-Based Safety Process provides readers with all the basic tools and step-by-step procedures needed to design and implement an effective, ongoing behavioral safety approach that is tailored to their organization.

Serious Incident Prevention

How to Sustain Accident-Free Operations in Your Plant or Company

This is your guide to creating a proactive, effective prevention process. This book presents a model showing you how to systematically identify and execute the steps needed to make your operations incident-free. Its team-based approach draws every level of the organization into the effort.

Quality, Behavior and the Bottom Line

This book is a must-read for anyone who has implemented a quality improvement initiative but has not achieved or sustained the desired results. It describes the element that is commonly overlooked by many quality processes; the failure to specifically identify the critical-to-quality behaviors needed to improve quality and to sustain the quality improvement initiative.

Dysfunctional Practices That Kill Your Safety Culture

A man finds himself on the top step of a step ladder; a woman removes the guard to her machine; a worker is not wearing her safety glasses in the plant; a roustabout uses the wrong sized clamp instead of retrieving the right tool from the supply truck; a supervisor teaches a new worker to take short cuts; a mechanic climbs on top of the active machine to find the oil leak. Why do these folks do these things? Is it because they are stupid?

Building Safety Commitment

Building Safety Commitment takes you through a set of skill-building experiences aimed to improve your dedication to safety at work. This book helps you increase your motivation toward safety, improve your “situational awareness” so you are better at detecting hazards and handling distractions, and gives you tools for dealing with obstacles that impede safe action. 

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