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Selecting Behavior-Based Safety Professionals Internationally Just Got Easier!

Italy’s Certification Institute for Prevention Recognizes and Certifies Behavior-Based Safety Professionals

The Certification Institute for Prevention, (ICPrev), Italy’s voluntary certification body, now offers accreditation to behavior-based safety (BBS) professionals. Together with the Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis (AARBA), ICPrev developed certification requirements based on strict, scientifically valid criteria that are approved by the international scientific community, including the Center for Behavioral Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

ICPrev certifies the skills of Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection professionals. Its mission is to offer a “guarantee of quality and professional excellence . . . in order to contribute to the growth of the level of safety and responsible sustainability in the workplace and in society.”

ICPrev offers qualified professionals the opportunity to have their skills assessed and certified by an independent body in line with European standards. National and international candidates can achieve three levels of BBS certification: Expert, Specialist, and Master. (Certification information is available at or 

ICPrevICPrevBBS professionals earning certification gain market visibility, competitiveness, and credibility at the international level. According to the ICPrev Web site, “The certification, in addition to being a certificate reward for the security professional, is a significant element for the employer, a demonstration of organizational choices and responsible behavior . . . and in line with the trends and the recommendations of the European Union.”