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Safety Champion Scott Cook, Chevron Canada Resources

A Real International Safety Champion!

As an internal safety consultant with Chevron’s Research & Technology, Scott conducted a thorough study of different behavioral safety approaches. During 1996 Scott helped Chevron Canada Resources (CCR) to plan a behavioral safety process, eventually called CARE (Chevron’s Accident Reduction Environment). After developing their initial plan, CCR selected Quality Safety Edge to assist them in finalizing their plan and in implementation. Scott moved to Calgary, Alberta to champion the CARE process. In his role as CARE Coordinator, Scott trained employee to conduct observations and provide feedback (over 40 workshops!), organized Steering Committee meetings, and worked to ensure participation of all levels of management.

Scott’s efforts have paid off! During 1998, the employees of 22 of 23 CCR locations elected to participate in the CARE process. An average of 65% of those employees conducted regular observations. Even during the hard times experienced by the oil and gas industry in 1999, CCR averaged 45% participation, and achieved a record low 0.25 OSHA recordable injuries per 200,000 work hours.

We wish Scott luck with his new assignment promoting safety with Chevron in Africa!