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All in the Family – Mary Lee & Licia Lee

Mary Lee and Licia Lee are both Administrative Assistants at Devon Energy Gas Services in Bridgeport, Texas. Mary and Licia have both been integral in the development, continued maintenance, and improvement of the organization's Values-Based Safety® process (VBSP) called S.A.F.E. (Safe Actions For Employees). In 2004, with the guidance of Dr. Judy Stowe, Devon Energy first developed and launched S.A.F.E. in the Exploration and Production group in Bridgeport, a sister company to Gas Services. Following the success of the first implementation, Gas Services adapted the S.A.F.E. process in 200.

A core value of S.A.F.E. is to "keep co-workers safe" and the process involves not only Devon employees, but company contractors as well. Scott Cheves, Team Leader of the S.A.F.E. Steering Team at Gas Services, explained that the major goal of S.A.F.E. is to have employees looking out for each other. Mr. Cheves has been in the industry for 25 years and has seen many safety initiatives come and go. "By far, this is the best one," he commented, "It gets everyone talking about safety, and you start practicing what you preach."

mary licia lee

Mary and Licia Lee are two employees at Devon Gas Services who talk about safety, practice it, and go above and beyond in their contributions to the S.A.F.E. process. As Team Leader, Mr. Cheves explained that Mary and Licia help him enormously, "It would be really hard to do what I do without them."

Mary has worked in the main Field Office in Bridgeport for 16 years and became involved in the S.A.F.E. process at the development stage as a member of the Design Team. Licia started as a contractor with Devon and is currently the Administrative Assistant for the Environmental, Health and Safety Department. Licia completed S.A.F.E. training as a contractor and was asked to become a member of the Steering Team in 2006.

The creative and administrative contributions Mary and Licia make to the S.A.F.E. process are abundant, and their efforts truly keep the process going. Together, Mary and Licia manage the S.A.F.E. employee observation data, track employee involvement and manage individual safety awards, and organize safety celebrations for the company. In addition, Mary creates the S.A.F.E. newsletter and Licia records minutes at monthly Steering Team meetings.

A major project that Mary and Licia coordinate is Devon's annual United Way fundraiser. During the months of September and October, for every safety observation conducted by an employee or contractor a dollar is donated to the United Way. In addition, Devon matches all funds raised. In 2006, Gas Services raised just under $12,000, and this year Mary projects the fundraiser will be an even greater success. Licia explained that the fundraiser is a great program because employees can contribute funds to a good cause just by doing a safety observation, which in turn, benefits everyone.

Mary and Licia recognize the impact the S.A.F.E. process has made in their own lives and the lives of their co-workers. Licia believes the process works so well at Devon because it's positive, and explained how important it is for employees to hear about what they are doing right on the job. Mary and Licia have witnessed positive behavior change in themselves and their co-workers on the job and off. Whether it's wearing safety glasses while cutting the lawn at home or driving more safely, Mary and Licia feel that involvement in the process can completely change a person's behavior.

According to Scott Cheves, Mary and Licia are Safety Champions because they "walk the walk." Mary and Licia both conduct regular safety observations in their office environments and out in the field. In 2006, both received a special award for completing over 100 safety observations. Licia feels conducting observations, " you the opportunity to get out and talk to people, and learn about their's a learning process, even as the observer."

Mary and Licia are honored and excited to be recognized for a part of their jobs that they care about and love doing. The two are a mother and daughter team who commute an hour to and from work together each day, and often take that time to discuss how to improve the S.A.F.E. process and new ways to encourage employee involvement.

Whether in their discussions during their daily commute, in the office, or out in the field, Mary and Licia are true Safety Champions who devote much appreciated time and energy to improving the safety of Devon Gas Services employees and contractors.

Congratulations Mary and Licia!