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QSE Offers New Safety Culture Survey

The things leaders do and say creates your safety culture which in turn supports or discourages your safety improvement initiative. World class safety requires safety leadership. Without the right leadership support, sooner or later you hit a wall—progress slows down, maybe your safety data goes the wrong way.

QSE is pleased to announce the availability of our new Values-Based Safety Climate Survey™ (VBSCS) to all organizations interested in measuring the health of their safety management system. Although QSE has been conducting in-depth safety assessments for a number of years, our new safety culture survey adds a new safety leadership measurement component to that effort.

A major objective of the survey is to determine what needs to be done—the critical behaviors that will strengthen your safety leadership and create an injury-free work environment. A second objective is to determine how your safety system is viewed by your associates; how strong is your safety culture? Differences in how groups perceive safety efforts indicate a major disconnect and is information critical to resolving problems and getting on the right track.

QSE’s VBSCS provides leaders, managers, supervisors, professionals and frontline employees with clear, specific behavioral feedback, and more importantly, with a clear directives for future behavior—how to get better.

All surveys are conducted anonymously and summary reports are generally available within a few days of survey administration.