Behavior Based Safety | BBS

What Is Behavior-Based Safety?

Behavior-based safety is the application of behavioral psychology to promote safe behavior in the workplace using employee involvement. It involves initially identifying practices (behaviors) critical to reducing the risk of injury. These practices and behaviors are then compiled into a checklist that employees use to collect data on safe and unsafe practices within the organization. Finally, employee teams analyze data gained from observations to develop action plans that promote continuous improvement in safety.

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What Is Values-Based Safety®

A long-lasting approach

Behavior-based safety is not simply having a checklist and observing behavior. To have a system that is effective over the long term and that can continuously improve and adapt to changing organizational needs, your organization needs a comprehensive solution. Values-Based Safety® incorporates knowledge gained from decades of experience into that comprehensive solution. Some key components include

  • Designing an Employee-driven process customized to fit your needs
  • Training Steering Committee members how to manage Values-Based Safety® and use observation data to remove obstacles to safe behavior
  • Helping Leadership develop the skills to visibly support Values-Based Safety®
  • Training Safety Professionals in how to support Values-Based Safety®
  • Providing Observation and Feedback Workshops to obtain buy-in and teach skills

Regular follow-up and education during the first year helps keep your process on track, enhances skills of leadership and steering committee members, and protects your investment in Values-Based Safety®. Sustaining your process with annual health assessments allows your process to continue to thrive over the long term.

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